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Our REC Promise

WE RECYCLE We encourage households and individuals by giving equivalent incentives redeemed based on point of recyclables supplied.

WE EDUCATE We educate people on proper waste management in other to build campus sense of people that will be eco friendly

WE CLEAN Be it corporate, social, or religious, we offer free cleaning service for all events and functions


WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality



one of the best way to reduce waste is not to create it, we orientate the community and households to reduce the number of waste to the minimum, by  prioritizing their purchase to essential ones, to buy product with less packaging, by giving out what is no longer useful for personal or household use to those that need it, instead of buying things you are not going to use very often, see if you can borrow it from someone you know, instead of buying newspaper you can use smart phones and computers to read online news via internet., you can save energy by turning of light that you are not using, save water by turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth. We also develop a simple model of collecting recyclable waste produced.



Instead of throwing things away, create alternative usage either by you or others before they totally become waste, containers thrown away can be used to keep cooking ingredients, to store things, it can become fun arts and crafts based on the imagination . Rice sack can be used to keep and to move other materials. clothes, toys, furniture, and other things that you don’t want anymore can be used by friends, families or neighbours, Use silverware and dishes instead of disposable plastic utensils and plates, Store food in reusable plastic containers. One of the value that is added to our service is the promotion of Reuse.



Many of the things we use every day, like bottle drinks, cans drinks, plastics, package cartons, bags  are made out of materials that can be recycled. Recycled items are put through a process that makes it possible to create new products out of the materials from the old ones. Promote clean and healthy environment by buying products that contain recyclables like plastics, aluminium can, Carton.., products with recyclable logo. Our recyclables are retrieved by end users to produce new products.



Reducing and reusing take nothing more than a rethink. We inculcate the public with the right thinking and habit towards proper waste disposal, ensure a clean and healthy environment, best way to manage waste,  using our imagination with the things that we might once have considered junk. To have a rethink on waste that will birth sustainable and healthy environment with full knowledge of recycling.



There are ways to recover waste, waste taken to landfill decomposes to produce methane gas (one of the green house gases) which some landfill sites recover and burn for energy rather than letting it dissipate. Trashusers encourages  individual and household by compensating with money based on the type and quantity of the recyclables collected.