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Co founder Trashusers

A social entrepreneur , He saw the need for human waste sludge to be recycled and used in several different and environmentally beneficial ways. A value added and result oriented individual that believed in integrity as a foundation for building successful relationship. he oversees the operation of trashusers.
His passion for humanity and environment has been his success story of motivation towards recyclable collection, as this may help in sustaining the environment, reducing rate of waste sent to the landfills, promoting recycling in Nigeria .
Bode Seun, has never doubt impossibility because of his positive mindset and result oriented skills. Part of his involvement as volunteer is the Light Africa Camera “The Biggest Film Festival” and Recycle Articrate . He had H N D in Surveying & Geoinformatics from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria. Member of Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprise ( NASME ), also member of Africa Young’s Entrepreneur ( A Y E ) and  Alumni of Sterling Bank Academy.

Co founder Trashusers

A sustainable entrepreneur, an environmentalist and humanitarian, dedicated to promoting sustainable development to unlock real value that improves the lives of people and their environment. He is responsible for the growth and development of Trashusers .